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UM Minifigure Training Cart Set

UM Minifigure Training Cart Set

$ 24.99

Drive onto the field to train Michigan Wolverines players with the Michigan Wolverines buildable Trainer Cart. The Michigan Wolverines trainer helps improve their performance with agility and strength drills, and explosive power development.

Key Features:

  • 135pc buildable vehicle
  • Features rear storage compartment for gear, extra seats for players and mascots
  • Includes 1 Michigan Wolverines trainer minifigure with proprietary bendable knees and poseable arms which allow them to run and train the players
  • Accessories: 1 team hat, 2 water bottles and 3 footballs
  • 17 stickers for customization

Collect all the Michigan Wolverines minifigures and hit the field!

All products ages 6 and up

Printed and assembled in the U.S.A.